I’m so fascinated with origami (the art of paper folding) … I wanted to try pero I can’t seem to buy a good one. A friend gave me origami papers but still its in my baul … nanghihinayang ako gamitin siya kaya minsan I practice with gift wrappers. Last Monday, I cancelled my trip back to Laoag (for some reasons, I don’t know… oh sige… tinamad ako bumyahe hahaha!). When my Dad came home, he gave me a box (uy Hello Kitty!) and said it was from Kaye (a friend who married a Japanese citizen last month). And when I saw it … its an origami kit with all the materials needed. Jason and I were so excited to do it … it tooks hours and hours to fold it… (nakakapagod pala) It’s a cute Hello Kitty parasol …

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Siyempre while doing it (the origami thing) we’re talking about our wedding preps … ako lang yata yung may blog site na wala pang nakalagay na preparations eh. Kasi we haven’t finalize our dates yet sa church. Ok it’s not what you think … ready na kami pareho tie the knot pero ang hirap lumakad ngayon … kasi magkalayo kami ng work (he’s in Manila, I’m in Laoag) kaya ang scheds minsan di nagmi-meet. He told me we’ll go there sa church Tuesday afternoon to have an cocular inspection of the place (but I’m sure it’s perfect na for us). I said, OK …

Kaso yun nga lang something came up … muntikan na nag-overheat yung car niya. He went to his mechanic … whole day siya nandun … I just waited there sa house for him. Pagdating niya, almost 6pm na … and kawawa naman di pa kumakain since lunch time. Sabi ko sa kanya “Labs, di na tayo nakapunta sa church…” and he said “OO nga eh, di bale pagbalik mo nalang sure na sure na yun pupunta na tayo sa church para magpa-reserve ng date ok?”

Last Sunday naman after watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we went to his friends birthday party. And nandun yung friend nya na Caterer. I already discuss to him what I wanted sa wedding and everything … sabi ni Raymond “walang problema Ann, basta makasal na kayo ni Jason gagawin natin lahat, kontakin ko lahat ng suppliers ko for that” Ahihihihi ang sweet … now you know kung anong klaseng pressure nararamdaman ni Jason ngayon … sobra sobra na talaga … kaya nga ako hindi ko na siya masyado kinukulit kasi baka mamaya mag-breakdown na yun eh.

I’m working on my DIY Save-the-Date Card … its for my aunts and uncles in the US… they wanted to attend the wedding kaya I should inform them immediately hehehehe! The problem is … still no date to be saved???


~ by jayzanne on November 23, 2005.

4 Responses to “Origami”

  1. Hello Princess Ann! Congrats may blog ka na!! Hehehe. You know…i know one w@wi who used origami as her main decor sa wedding nya…her blog is http://abieco.blogspot.com. Actually yung sa kanya was the paper crane…based on a story that when you fold 1,000 paper cranes your wish will be granted. Browse her site so you can have more idea 🙂 Try this post http://abieco.blogspot.com/2004_11_01_abieco_archive.html

  2. Thanks Anne, yup I’ll gonna visit your friends blogsite one of these days. Kinakarir na namin ni Wella yung mga blogsite namin eh … pinapakarir ko na rin sa kanya yung blogsite ko kasi magaling siya sa mga HTML ek-ek … wala naman ako background kasi dito hahaha!

  3. do you really like origami? hehe… I’d like to request for more pictures of your creations. 🙂 mail me or something.


  4. Hi N.C., I love doing origami, but this is the one and only project that I have pictures. Next time if I’ll do another oragami project, I’ll post it here.

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