Wedding Vow: To write or not to write one …

I know a lot of people saw the wedding of Claudine Baretto and Raymart Santiago. Everybody was moved by their wedding vows, which is of course, written by them. I found an article on how to write your wedding vows. Here’s some tips:

Original Wedding Vows – Written by You!

Would you like to write your own original wedding vows? Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and the vows you speak to your future husband or wife are some of the most significant words you’ll ever say in your lifetime. Sometimes traditional wedding vows don’t say what you really feel. It’s easier than you think to learn how to write your own original wedding vows.

One way to get started might be to sit down and write a letter to one another about what your love and relationship mean to one another. Once you have completed this, switch papers and underline any phrases that have particular meaning to you. These ideas can be a starting point for writing your original wedding vows. Think back to the many memories you shared that had special meaning to your relationship. What feelings did these special times evoke? Make sure to include these in your letter to each other as these can spark ideas for beautiful, memorable and original wedding vows.

It may also help to ask each other questions such as:

What is that I love most about my future spouse? Why?
What makes our relationship different and special?
What role does religion play in our relationship? This may help you to decide whether you’d like to include biblical verses in your vows.
What first attracted you to your future spouse?
What are your most important shared memories?
When did you first say “I love you”?
How long does your relationship go back? Do you have shared childhood memories that be important to put into your vows?
What are your most important future goals as a couple?
What are your favorite songs and poems?

Now that you have your ideas on paper, you might want to start preparing your first rough draft. Remember this will be your ROUGH draft so feel free to let you creativity flow with ideas. You’ll be modifying what you’ve written later. This is a time for free association and free sharing of ideas.

When you’re ready to do your revised and final drafts and feel like you might need more guidance and assistance you might want to consider help from this site which can give you more information on how to write your own original wedding vows:



~ by jayzanne on April 3, 2006.

One Response to “Wedding Vow: To write or not to write one …”

  1. I think that one of the most important aspects of writing original wedding vows is that a couple writes them together. I like that you suggested the couple to write something and then switch papers.

    Being on the ‘same page’ with the wedding vows is so important. Writing the vows together gives a couple an opportunity to have what may well be the most important conversation they ever have in their entire lives.

    Rev. Linda Bardes,
    The Wedding Vow Coach

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