DIY corner

My cousin and MOH, Bing, made our ceremonial cord. Ang galing di ba? We bought everything from Wellmanson. The accent for the kissing bells was her idea and I helped also in doing this. Isn’t she amazing? Any comments whatsoever? hihihi!


~ by jayzanne on May 3, 2006.

12 Responses to “DIY corner”

  1. Hi Ann! Wow… meron ka ng cord.Ganda naman sis! That’s my next plan sis.. kaya lang meron na sa Gown package ni Veluz ung cord e. Still undecided if i’ll do another one! Di ko din naman kase alam ang itsura ng cord nila! hay!

    Ang sarap ng feeling ng may na-aacomplish na noh? lalo na pag DIY. With all sweat and blood effort. hehehe!

    Happy preps!

  2. Naku sinabi mo … ang sarap ng feeling ng maraming na-accomplish hay o hay … thanks for your comment. i’ll give credits to my cousin. Ang galing talaga sa mga ganyan yun eh. Artist kasi yun. happy preps sis!

  3. WOW! I love your DIY projects!!! Ang ganda ganda ng bells. I specially love the cross for your chord. Pwede pa-share naman where I can purchase it?

  4. Hi Maeyo thanks for your comment hihihi … I bought the cross in Wellmanson, it cost 135.00 marami siya design, pero I fell in love with this one. Saka mas maganda pag yan yung bibilhin mo kasi kitang-kita sa pictures kahit sa malayo, kumikinang, kinang pa hihihi …happy preps!

  5. hi ann, all your DIYs are very nice! hope you can post na the picture for the pen. btw, para saan pala yung mga kissing bells(im i ryt?). cause u mentioned that you’re still thinking for the souvenirs. (sigh!) sarap talaga magprepare noh! thanks for sharing your ideas!!! happy preps to us!. GOD BLESS.

    thank you.

  6. hi Joan, got the idea from Mec, to spare the glasses from breaking, yung bells ang gamitin to see the couple kiss. did i made sense? hahaha! Thanks for dropping by our site.

  7. ganda nito! 🙂

  8. thanks cheryll pareho tayo ng name… Sheryl nga lang ako hihihi. thanks for dropping by na din 😀

  9. ganda ng cord nyo!!! lapit na. goodluck and god bless. and thank you salahat ng mga tips and experiences that you share sa W@W. helped me a lot. thanks thanks po ulit.

  10. hi Portia,

    Thanks… happy preps din sa iyo. Just relax ok. Everything will turn out fine 🙂

  11. HI!!! wow na amaze ako s DIY mo!!! kaaliw ang gaganda.. ako din madami kong plan na i DIY e.. kaso di pa ako makapag start.. alam mo ba pareho tayong windmills bride.. pero next year pa kme may 2007 pero nagdown n kme ang saya noh?! hehe hope i can hear from you after your wedding ha about windmills particularly.. Godbless s wedding lapit na..

  12. Ei sis Janice. Sure no problemo… wait for my wedding kwento’s and supplier ratings. medyo malapit na nga eh … 4 months to go nalang waaaaaaaahhhhhh! thanks for dropping by ha.

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