My Day …

It’s another one of those days we are not loaded in the office. Everybody seems to be lazy, all eyes on their computer, browsing the net, chat with friends, bloghopping … and send/reads emails from friends. Some are yawning, waiting for the bundy clock to strike 5:00p.m. I was chatting with 2 of my friends in YM

Kaye, I met her 4 years ago. She’s an ex-officemate here in PCI. She’s now residing in Tokyo, Japan with his hubby Takeshi and her soon to be baby in her tummy. She’s 6 months pregnant now, due in October. She gave me useful tips on how to get preggy fast … she told me by now I should equip myself with a good thermometer and log down the days when I have menstruation. Sabi niya measure my temperature first thing I wake up in the morning and make a graph of all my temperature. Ovulation usually lasts 1 or 2 days lang… that’s when your temp. went high … that means egg cell is out and is waiting for a sperm to meet… hmm… quite interesting …

Kuya Noel, I met through chat … I haven’t met him eversince the world began … hahaha! He’s not the type of person whole go to eyeballs and meet up. Ako din ganun. If ever I’ll gonna meet up, grand eyeballs talaga…and with a cause… Yung group kasi namin is samahan ng mga architects and engineers … kaya nakaka-relate ka dahil usapang technical di ba? So si Kuya Noel, came from Virginia. Kaya I haven’t spoke to him in a while. Kaya eto nangungulit nanaman chinichika ako. He’s giving me tips on how to cook naman. Medyo magaling to magluto, he knows the craft actually. The best cookbook to buy eh yung kay Nora Daza daw. Madali na tapos Filipino food pa yung nandun. For beginners lang naman. Kasi you can opt to buy other cookbook pag bihasa ka na magluto 🙂 Tapos kailangan daw marunong ako mamalengke … saka dapat alam ko what part of beef or pork yung lulutuin ko, dapat yung di masyado malambot, di masyado matigas… mga ganun … heller … culinary arts teacher ka ata, di ka yata Architect hahaha!

Si Ninong Mon naman went here sa Laoag for their monthly site visit sa project. He’s speaking his Ilokano dialect which I had a hard time understanding it. Pero na-gets ko naman ang sinabi niya … Sabi niya nag-usap daw sila ni Dad kahapon, saying na till end of July nalang ako dito. Sabi niya mag-concentrate muna ako sa wedding preparations, by November and December, gawa daw muna kami ng baby … tapos by next year (indefinite time) kukunin niya daw ako sa Pasig/Marikina Project… that’s good news for me 😀 at least magkakawork ako, di ako mapipirmi sa bahay whoopeee! Wait till Jason hears this.

Eto pang isang good news, nag-text ako kay Ms. Nora of Windmills and Rainforest, asking if she has a choco fountain. If wala magkano corkage fee, kasi I’m planning to set up one for our wedding. Sabi niya meron daw… I asked kung magkano ang charge, kung may additional or not. Sabi niya, free daw siya sa 200pax. Natuwa ako kasi 200 pax yung kinuha ko sa kanya …whoopeee… may choco fountain na kami … pero di muna ako magsasaya masyado kasi baka hindi clear yung pag-uusap namin ma-disappoint lang ako. We’ll gonna have our food tasting this August kaya maki-clear naman siguro yun. let’s just hope na tama yung pagkakaintindi ko hehehe!


~ by jayzanne on June 30, 2006.

2 Responses to “My Day …”

  1. sarap nman puro chat lang…wish ko lang sa next work ko ganyan din minsan-minsan hehe!

    hehe ipakiusap mo sakin ninong mo..i can fully understand it. Can understand ilocano pero my tongue gets tied and twisted when I try to speak it. 😀

  2. ako naman marunong din mag-ilokano pero may accent daw kasi ako kaya di nila maintindihan hahaha! pero I’m trying to learn the language talaga promise. Pag nag-uusap nga kami ni Mamang (my grandma) gamit ko inglikano (english and Ilokano) … nagkakaintindihan naman kami. hahaha!

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