Pasalubong …

Before I left the house, Tita Jean gave me my pasalubong. Besides the E2 (actually, its not a pasalubong, I’ll gonna pay it), I got my Precious Moments Bride’s Bible. It’s so small, a little bigger than a pocket size bible. But its so pretty. I think I have 2 consult my fellow W@wies about the standard size of bibles for the ceremony.

I have a Clinique Happy Heart from my Tita Evelyn. I made lambing if they can buy something for my wedding. She gave 13 gold dollar coins for my arrhae, and now this perfume.

I also got 2 additional books … The Mermaids Chair by: Sue Monk Kidd. I was just curious when I saw it in so I told tito to buy this for me, and so he did. Whoopee …

Oh I’m sure this book is a gift from my Tita Jean. It’s kinda helpful to me in the future. Maybe this are the kind of books Claudine Baretto and Kris Aquino reads. Read the first part and its quite interesting.

And also I got a 512MB Memory card for my E2. Alright, I thought I’ll gonna buy one for it. Hindi pala. I’ll try to upload mp3s to it and see how this baby works … yeah baby!


~ by jayzanne on July 3, 2006.

5 Responses to “Pasalubong …”

  1. hi sis!bought that last book (the power of a praying wife) and its really helpful talaga…finished reading it and gave it to my mom after…=)

  2. wow! daming pasalubongs/gifts ah… 😀

  3. Alynn: i agree sis, mukha ngang helpful. Kasi I’ve read the first part. Thanks to my Tita hihihi.

    Mai: uu nga eh, di ko expected yan dahil di sila sumasagot sa emails ko… actions speak louder than words hehehe.

  4. wow sis! ang dami gifts ;p

    hows preps? lapit na sis

  5. sarap ng feeling ng ikakasal, lahat ng hiling mo sinusunod hahaha.

    ok naman ang preps. nakuha na namin yung souvenirs (post ko pag may time) and 2nd fitting ko kanina…and kailangan ko na mag-diet kasi sumikip gown ko huhuhuu waaaaaaaahhhh kasi nung una maluwag yun, tapos sabi ni Mr. Jun hindi daw muna niya pakikialaman yung sa size … buti nalnag or else patay tayo dun, hahaha!

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