Happy 6th Anniversary My Labs!

Background: Sweet Serenity by: www.shabbyprincess.com
Splendid by: www.shabbyprincess.com
Flower Embelishment: Summer Beauty Mini Page Kit by Angie Svoboda

~ by jayzanne on July 5, 2006.

7 Responses to “Happy 6th Anniversary My Labs!”

  1. happy 6th anniv sa inyo!

    uy kami din 6th anniv namin on the 19th! hehe! halos sabay pala tayo 😀

  2. Mai, tagal nyo na rin pala ah 🙂 advance happy anniversary!

  3. happy 6th anniv!

  4. happy birthday! la lang, yan tawag namin sa anniv e. hihi. take care!

  5. thanks Alynn and QT, we had our celebration sa Discovery Weekend … great experience, post it when I have time …

  6. happy anniv sis! =p take care! mwah

  7. thanks sis Kaye mwah!

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