Our Latest Photo …

Okay, this is our latest photo in RAN Online (printscreen) hehehe! Tampo kasi siya, bakit yung photo ko lang sa RAN yung post ko sa blog namin. Jason’s character (JaYShawN) is a level 57 pow type Swordsman while my character (JeishaAnn) is a level 60 Int Type Shaman. Medyo li-low muna kami sa game dahil we have a lot of things to do pa eh. So set aside playing muna hihihihi! Naku mamimiss ako ng mga playmates namin. Kasi some of them can’t fight without a Shaman. Hahahaha! I just practically give them buffs (Ragnarok term) and heal them. Some of them kasi lalo na yung mga INT at POW type characters masyado mamon (1 hit lose a lot of HP’s already) while mga DEX type characters makunat sila. Kahit ilang suntok konti lang bawas sa kanila.

Dad called na one of our ninong is in Manila. He lives in Cebu kasi. So instead of sending it on LBC eh gawin ko na daw yung para sa kanya. Kahit yung sa kanya muna. Kaya ayan may rush work tuloy ako hehehe.

~ by jayzanne on September 4, 2006.

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