He’s back!

After adding the phrase “A REWARD AWAITS YOU” on Gorky’s Missing poster … he’s back. And all the witnesses were right… he was with our not-so-nice neighbor all along. After all the denials and everything, they gave him up for the “reward”. He said sorry for not bringing him back because he went out-of-town… (yah right!). He also confesses that he didn’t want to bring Gorky back to us. It was his Dad who pushed him to do so. Bad neighbor, hmp! We just gave him the benefit of the doubt and thank him for taking care of him.

So what’s the reward? 6 kilos of seedless grapes. Good thing somebody gave dad those grapes as a gift … ano kami sira? Plot lang namin yun para maibalik niya sa amin si Gorky ng walang dahas (hahaha kala mo makikipag-away talaga) Buti kung di namin alam na sila nakakuha kay Gorky … eh kaso akala niya siguro pera. Serves him right. And besides, grapes are so expensive no!

We’re just glad we have Gorky again. Welcome back!


~ by jayzanne on February 23, 2007.

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