A Birthday and A Movie Date

Yesterday, Jason and I attended Alex’s 1st Birthday. Alex is the daughter of Jason’s cousin Junjun. It was held in Jollibee Marquinton, Marikina City. This is the 2nd time I went to a childrens party full of adult people hahaha! There were kids but they’re still babies, as in month old. Some are already teenagers. And some are married couples w/o kids. What do you expect? Hahaha! I never knew that Jollibee mascots eyes blinks. It’s only yesterday that I’ve learned it. Nagbubeautiful eyes kasi siya eh.

That’s Alex with her yaya

The super hyper Jollibee in one of his wacky acts

And that’s Jason and me with Jollibee who’s hoping that one day, we’re the one who’s having a Jollibee party with our first born.

After the party, we went to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. It’s been quite a long time Jason and I haven’t watched a movie. Newly renovated ang cinema ng Sta. Lucia. In fairness ha, medyo comfy na ang seats. And pwede alisin yung armrest. Kaya if you and hubby wants to cuddle dahil malamig eh pwede na tanggalin ang sagabal hehehe.

We decided to watch 300. It’s the next best thing to Braveheart. I love the cinematography. The fight scenes were like scenes you see in Matrix … yung tipong slow motion tapos you can see how the blood comes out of their bodies, how the head detached from the bodies, pasintabi sa mga kumakain ha. Pati yung movements nila kitang-kita mo. Sweet! And I love the soundtrack … it’s like watching The Fast and the Furious. Not to mention … parang umulan ng matitipunong lalaki sa mundo … lahat may 6-pack abs … so sexy … kulang nalang sumigaw ako sa loob ng sinehan … siyempre ang poise! hahaha!

Here are some of the favorite lines I remembered in the movie. I hope I remembered it right hehehe:

From Leonidas to the traitor Ephialtes, “My friend, may you live forever”

One of his wounded men says, “My King, it’s an honor to die by your side” … at this point they were outnumbered already, everybody’s injured and no other way to escape.

Leonida before dying, he shouted “My queen! my wife! my love” and then an arrow shower poured into the sky and of course, he died.

See how loyalty and love works on people?


~ by jayzanne on March 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Birthday and A Movie Date”

  1. dahil sa comment mo sa 300, papanuorin namin sya mamaya! hehehehe.

    Ayaw ko sana panuorin yan nung una… but after reading ur blog.. I will go with my hubby. Niyayaya nya kasi ko.

    P.S. Ganda ng Blogskin mo!

  2. Hi Maeyo, you’ll gonna love it. you won’t regret watching it. 2 1/2 hours yan movie na yan pero hindi mo mapapansin kasi puro action. Wala masyado talkies.

    About the blogskin … I love it as well hehehe matagal ko na gusto palitan yung skin ko ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng guts hahaha!

  3. QUESTION: Kapag nagpapa-picture sa mascot, yung tao ba sa loob ng mascot naka-smile din?

  4. hahaha nakakatawa naman yung question mo. OO nga no? Kasi di ba automatic pag may camera you smile … I’m sure napapangiti din yung tao sa loob ng mascot unconciously 🙂

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