Goodbye Pachuchay!

The word “Pachuchay” comes from the name of a character which Judy Ann Santos portrays in a telenovela flick. We don’t usually name our cars, but there was a time when Jason went out and didn’t informed me where he’s heading, I asked him where he was, and he said that he’s going to Ryan’s house (a friend of his) kasama si Pachuchay. Of course, I asked kung sino si Pachuchay. Sabi niya, “Eh di yung isang girlfriend ko”. Well , that I know he’s pertaining to his car. Siyempre, alam nyo naman ang mga guys. Pag may bagong kotse, di mapirmi sa bahay. Laging umaalis para magamit ang kotse hahaha!

Jason posted ads on Ebay and for a month. A lot of people were calling our house, texting on his phone, and a lot of e-mails on his inbox. Minimum bid was 80k. Although we’re planning to sell it for 11ok, but a lot of people were complaining that there were minor things to be fixed in the car kaya tumatawad sila. Since Jason wanted to dispatch this baby ASAP to give way to his prospect new baby, he gave in to 80k.

Last Monday morning, someone went to our house and checked the car. After that he told Jason they’ll come back in the afternoon. Before 6pm, 3 of them went to our house. They look edukado naman, more of a yuppie. And they know everything about cars kaya we assume hobby niya mag-restore ng 2nd hand cars. Tinatawaran pa nga ng 70k … pero di bumigay si Jason. He told them hindi siya nagmamadali ibenta yun. Kaya mag-isip muna sila. Eh I think super love na love na nila yung car kaya nilabas na agad yung deed of sale and paid Jason right then and there.

While she was driving out of our premises, I’m holding back my tears. Sabi ni kuya, wag ako mag-invest ng emotional attachment sa isang bagay. Magagalit daw ang Diyos. Ok lang naman na ibenta siya, kaya lang our relationship grew up with that car. It’s the first car Jason has bought at nataon first year anniversary namin siya nabili sa Ninong namin. And one reason why Jason bought it is because of me. Being concern with my health (asthmatic and skin allergic to my own sweat), hindi na siya nagdalawang isip nung ino-offer sa kanya yun. How many dates, out of town trips na rin na kasama namin yun. Bago kami ikasal, Jason got into an accident which that car saved him from bruises and wounds. Super tibay ng car na yun. Hindi siya na-total wreck. Buo pa din siya. And we thought nga na swerte siya sa amin because a lot of projects came in para makaipon at magpakasal. And I’m glad the one who bought her will take care of her and restore her like new.

To Pachuchay, thanks for the memories you’ve spent with us. I hope your new daddy will take care of you like we did! We’ll never forget you mwah!

As for the new baby … hmmm… Maybe I’ll try to blog about him tomorrow pag nakuha na siya nila Jason weeeeeeeeeeee.


~ by jayzanne on June 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Goodbye Pachuchay!”

  1. ako din madaling maattach sa isang bagay. we named our car, golpi kasi gulpi sarado sya sa amin. hehehe. maiiyak din ako pag dumating na ung time na ibebenta namin sya. lots of memories, sabi mo nga. d bale, it’s time to make new ones. take care!

  2. Hi Qt, mwah! kung tao lang si Pachuchay, ang dami na nakwento nun sa bago niyang amo hehehe. Sometimes kasi dun namin napag-uusapan ni Jason mga plano namin sa buhay, mga problema, witness sa mga away … hahaha! oh well … excited na ako to see our new toy 🙂

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