An Xshot For You

Yup, you read that right, you can have the chance to Win an Xshot from Benspark. What’s this Xshot anyway? Well, you gotta find out for yourself. But according to their website, the Xshot has the longest reach of any other device on the market. It extends to 37″ and yet closes to only 9″ to fit easily in a side or back pocket. It is made of high quality stainless steel, yet lightweight at 3.9 ounces and features a non-slip rubber grip and lanyard to secure it. This is so perfect for self-portraits. When I first saw it on Drew’s blog, on how he uses it for his self-portraits, I already fell in love with it. So how would this thing works for you? Here’s a short demonstration by Benspark on how magnificent this Xshot is and how somebody like me should have one of this new toy.I’ve been to many places and saw a lot of captivating beaches here in our country. But too bad, if I’m alone I have to capture every photo of mine on my own. I have this photo a year ago when my cousin and I went for a stroll on the beach. It’s one of the best beach and sunset I’ve ever seen. We took a photo of ourselves, but since it’s only me and her … here’s what happened …

It’s all round chubby faces of us … less beach background … no sunset backdrop. Although we have a separate shot of the beach and the sunset, nothing beats that if we’re both in it. That’s why I wanted to have an Xshot because with this toy, for sure the next time we’ll go for a stroll on the beach with a beautiful sunset scene, we can capture it well. With Xshot, taking self-portraits has never been easier.

You can get an XShot for $5.50 off f they use the promo code SparkRocks between now and July 15th.


~ by jayzanne on July 14, 2007.

One Response to “An Xshot For You”

  1. A good entry for the contest. Good luck.

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