Another hormonal imbalance…

Yup, I’m not pregnant.I went to my OB around 2:oop.m. This is the moment me and Jason was waiting for this past few days. My OB took my blood pressure first before anything else. She was a bit worried about my blood pressure. It was 160/90. One of the biggest factor in trying to be pregnant is high blood pressure. So she set aside her blood pressure apparatus for a while and took my pregnancy test again … in a few minutes … only one line is visible. I really wanted to cry pero ganun talaga ang buhay. Kailangan tanggapin. Hindi ako buntis shit! After that, she went back on checking my BP again. Well, it went normal … 117/70. Nung nalaman kong negative…nag-normalize ang body chemistry ko. Hahaha!

What she diagnosed was another hormonal imbalance. One of the factors is being over weight. I need to loose some weight and eat a low salt, low fat diet. Huhuhu … Goodbye to chocolates, ice creams and cakes … goodbye to craving of certain foods. Lessen the pasalubong from hubby. I need to do this in order for me to get pregnant. I need to involve myself to a lot of moving around the house and not sitting to much in front of the computer. I want to play badminton again, but its been 2 years now that I haven’t set foot on a badminton court. Baka mangapa ako… and not to mention… lahat ng kalaro ko dati mga Class B and C na… left out na ako masyado huhuhu!

My OB is trying to induce my period. And while we’re waiting for my period, hubby needs to have his semen analysis for OB’s basis … so wish us luck … sana makabuo na kami with God’s help and my OB.


~ by jayzanne on July 14, 2007.

16 Responses to “Another hormonal imbalance…”

  1. aww sad naman. I understand how bad you might be feeling right now. Basta for now, follow the doctor’s bilins, relax, have faith and just pray. 🙂

  2. Thanks sis Mai 🙂 ganun talaga ang buhay eh 🙂

  3. so sorry to hear about what happened. but don’t despair. after all the sacrifices you will be doing now, it will all be worth it when you have your babe in your arms. listen to your doctor na lang because she knows what she’s talking about. (i have an overweight friend who had difficulty getting pregnant rin but she did eventually). konting ingat sa mataas na BP kasi delikado sa pregnancy (could lead to preeclampsia).

    i will include you in my prayers. basta think positive always! =D

  4. Hi Yette, thanks for including me in your prayers. Nabanggit nga ng OB ko yan preeclampsia kaya pinapamonitor niya yung BP ko. Kasi di ko kasi alam ang normal BP ko kaya habang di pa kami nagkikita eh monitor ko daw ng morning and night yun BP ko tapos i-chart ko daw para may basis siya 🙂

  5. hi anne,

    i can’t say “ok” lang yan or say “sad” naman nyan cozGod decide things according to his plan… just think of the brighter side, you get to spend more time with jason. ala pa namang kaung 1 year mag asawa eh…meron akong close friend na 5 years bago nagka aank pero after nun, taon-taon na nanganak..ngaun 4 na yata(?) anak nila…take your time…

    P.S. ako naman i want to spend more time with russell muna (1 year) bago magbaby 🙂

  6. hi Thet, vote mo yung entry ko sa Xshot ha
    …teka nanalo ka ba sa blog of the year (o month?) kasi everyday bumuboto ako hehehe. Parang yung ginawa ko din kay Mai noon hahaha.

    pareho na kasi kami nasa 30’s ngayon taon na ito kaya medyo worried na kami baka magkaproblema kami sa fertility. kaya medyo atat kami. pero ok lang naman kahit wala pang anak, wag lang sana masyadong matagal. hehehe!

  7. have you heard of PCOS?

    I am NOT a doctor, but I have PCOS.

    It is the leading cause of infertility in women . . .it causes hormonal imbalances and weight gain and lots of other symptoms too (acne, hair loss, fatigue). 1 in 10 women have it.

    Whenever I hear women talk about infertility I bring it up as not many are aware of this syndrome (even doctors). So, please Google PCOS (sould cycsters is a great website) and see if it might be something you could ask your doctor about it.

    There is hope.

    (Sorry for sticking my nose in your private life.)

  8. “soul cycsters”

    typo earlier–sorry.

  9. i’m overly fat (fatter NOW) but after working out during our wedding preps in ’04, i got pregnant by surprise. did mostly gym stuff (cardio,weight-training) but it was only after a week of badminton did we get pregnant. so while i don’t want to say there’s something about badminton (which my MIL believes and which i think is absurd), i really do believe exercising your body and just moving will help some, if not alot. my BP was closely monitored during pregnancy and bec. i was so fat (under philippine standards haha!), my OB was expecting my body to abort the baby on its own. thankfully 130/70 was the highest it ever went. start moving and start taking your folic acid — you just might be surprised one day :). good luck!

  10. ganda…

    first things first… atend to your health first. Sabi ko nga dun sa PCOS ygroups a n@wie formed, every woman should attend to the host (their bodies) first before really going for their parasites (the babies, wehehehe).

    I mean… if you ARE overweight, then attend to that. Women have a harder time losing weight… and lalo na nga if 30 ka na, pabagal na ng pabagal ang metabolism. And being healthy always has the most benefits in the long run…

    Tapos… although am not a doctor ha, but I think if your blood pressure can surge as high as that just because of worry eh you ought to be troubled din. Kasi ako nga before nag-a-anaphylactic shock na, hindi umaabot sa ganyan BP ko… baka din sis may sugar problem ka na (usually connected ang high BP sa diabetics and obesity), pa-check mo. Aside from your pregnancy concerns kasi, this might cause future problems in the future…

    again, pag hindi healthy ang host… kawawa ang baby. and chances are, you’d have a harder time during your pregnancy (which again, kawawa ka and the baby)

    so attend to your health muna talaga… take things slowly but surely… don’t go on crash diets and quick fixes… mas maganda maging lifestyle/hobby nyo ang healthy living instead of for this particular goal lang…

    and may mga fat free ice creams na and sugar-free chocolates… w/c you can have every weekend kunyari… you don’t have to deprive yourself naman of the sinful things eh, so long as you get enough exercise nga and eat healthy for most days of the week.

    and may mga fun ways to lose weight… like cardio striptease and belly dancing… aside from the usual cardio ekek… you can try outdoor clubs din (wehehehehe, try mountaineering :p )and get hubs involved din… ayaw mo nun, when your baby comes, outdoorsy na kayo and he’d be enjoying a lot of fresh air w/ his parents 🙂


  11. Hi Amanda, my doctor told me I don’t have PCOS coz based on my TVU, eveything is pretty normal. It’s just the weight.

    Hi Jen, medyo nag-iisip pa ako pwedeng activity ko para lagi ako gumagalaw. Household chores and taking care of the dogs muna ginagawa ko. My brother plans to go to the gym, which I’m thinking din kasi san ako kukuha ng pera pang-enroll hehehe! I might try doing my early jog ulit. I stopped kasi due to allergic reaction to sweat.

    Hi sis Mec, like my OB told me, toxic daw ako. Having skin allergies, skin asthma, rhinitis, at kung ano2x pang sakit, mukha nga daw mahihirapan ako. Pero sinusunod ko muna ang mga payo niya. I’m trying to lessen my eating habits, nawala na ang meryenda, sa gabi fruits lang. Kasi yun medyo kaya ko gawin. Pag nag-crush diet ako hihimatayin ako. Saka masama yun di ba? Thanks for the info sis … hindi ko nga alam kung san ako mag-uumpisa eh 😦

  12. Hi Ann
    Don’t be too concern about your disappointments, if you do it will only add to your worries and stress. I know when i’m stress i eat a lot, i don’t like to more around too much and before you know it..there this fat sitting around the waistline!!

    A couple of tips which i have tried during and pre pregnancy. I love swimming and tried yoga, both are low impact and good for your cardio. Eating healty is definitely the way to go, fruits & vege (especially those that are high in folic acid) are definitely good. Though to be honest while i was pregnant i still had the occasional chocs & chips but in moderation! I called it the balance diet, there’s nothing wrong with that..MODERATION is the key word.

    Anyway, all the best and what someone had said to me…”practice, practice & practice and enjoy the process”’ll get it right soon enough. Check this link and hopefully it will inspire you..and then soon enough you will have one of this!!!!


  13. Hi Ren, thanks for dropping by. salamat sa mga taong tulad mo na binabangon ang mga taong gusto ng mag-give up. super thank you. mwah!

  14. hi, Miss anne!
    Im, Annabelle.. Katulad mo na-suffer din ako infertility.. Dami ko sinubukan na gamot. I suffer from acne, weight gain and nausea all the time I missed my period.. Akala ko preggy na ako that time.. Pro hindi pa din.. Until ngpalit ako ng OB and na-diagnosed to have PCOS,HE (yes hes a male OB) put me on medication for 6 month.. at grabe ang side effect ng gamot sa akin.. Lagi ako nahihilo at nagsusuka.. And then nagkaroon ako ng brown sopotting for a week.. After nun hindi pa din lumakas period.. And then I try to take a preg test.. And Guess what, for the first month of medication I’ve got pregnant.. So don’t give up. Ask you OB about PCOS.. I am now 6 weeks and 4 days preggy. Goodluck po!

  15. oo nga po pala.. try mo din to mag-loose ng weight.. Its a big help for those trying to conceive..

    good luck po.

    And beware, if ever makabuo na kayo.. Grabe ang hirap maglihi…

  16. Hi Amanda, thanks for dropping by my blog. I was diagnosed to have PCOS 3 weeks ago. I’m on medication right. And yes, I’m trying to lose weight. Actually, right now I’m having my period already which is 5 days ahead of my usual 30 day cycle. Nagulat nga si OB eh. I’m scheduled to come in her clinic tomorrow.

    Medyo nakakahilo nga yung metformin. pero what my brother in law told me, the reason daw why nahihilo ako when i take it is because baka super baba na ang sugar level ko. Kaya ang gawin ko lang pag ganun eh uminom daw ng coke. Yun lang.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’re hoping and still praying for our little angel to come. Sana nga wag masyado matagal huhuhu.

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