Happy Slip

Have you heard of Happy Slip? I have learned about her (Christine) in Newlyweds@Work e-groups . I’ve been a fan of her videos for quite some time and lost track of her. Good thing a fellow bloggie, Berns, blog about one of her latest videos on her site. She’s a Filipina based in New York. Believe me, she’s a jack of all trades. She can act, sing well and plays the piano and guitar too. She writes her own compositions, too. Actually, she already have her MP3’s already available on her site.

Here’s one of her latest video called Boypren . Grabe super tawa ako dito promise … happy viewing!


~ by jayzanne on September 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Happy Slip”

  1. ayyy! pareho tayo mami. ilove her and also josh verdes. hehehe. fave ko yang boypren na yan.

    tsaka yung brown beauty, nakakatawa din. Magagaling talaga mga Pinay! GO!

  2. Hi Malen…di ba super hilarious. one woman show siya pala sa mga vlogs niya hehehe.

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