Happy 1st Anniversary!

Pretty Pink Kit by: Lindsay Jane Designs
Journal Strip by Misty Cato

Since I can’t get out of the house just to buy an anniversary card for my only one love, I just forced my creative juices to come out and do a layout. This is the farthest thing I could come up as of this moment.

As an anniversary thingy … I’ll share again my entry of our love story I posted on our Wedding Announcer account.

This is my side of the story:

I was a fresh graduate then, applying for a job in Designtech Consultancy and Management. While waiting for the person in charge for my interview, I stayed at their receiving area just in front of the receptionist desk. Then a guy went inside to punch in his DTR card. He’s smiling actually and I smiled back. The receptionist was teasing him that time and was about to make his attempt to tease her back when he stepped on something that almost tripped him down. The receptionist laugh so hard, and so did I … not because natisod siya but because of the laughs they both shared with the incident.
Obviously, I got the job. After that, I was introduced to the whole staff. Heading to the Architectural Dept. where I would meet the person in-charge with me, the person who will sign my logbook for my board exams … to my surprise … was the same guy I laughed about that morning … Oh no! He’s my boss!

Arch. Jason D. Jamias, baby face (he was 25 then and I’m 22), very poised, looks serious. I didn’t know at first we could get along. He’s a jack of all trades, one hell of an alaskador. When he laughs nawawala mata niya. Everybody just loves him. An architect for four years already (after graduation, took the board exam and passed agad! galing ng baby ko), he really knows his craft. No wonder at that age, he handles that position.

As days went by, we became close. He was like a long lost friend. Opposites really attract. He’s an introvert and I’m an extrovert. He wasn’t just my boss, he became my bestfriend. Every lunch time, he never fails to give me a Tofiluk chocolate bar. He always walks me hanggang sa terminal ng jeep after office hours. He helpedme a lot when it comes to our field. How to master the CAD software, to know how to write BOQ’s and the do’s and don’t of Specs. Writing. Even if work has filed up on him, he still takes time to answer my queries. Sometimes, he lets me checks errors in drawings so that it would be easier for him to revised it in the computer. We write each other through the use of Word Doc and save it in a diskette so we could read it at home. Lahat ng angst namin sa work nakalagay dun. Ang corny ba? Nah I don’t think so. Knowing Jason, that’s something sweet kasi wala sa personalidad niya yun. He’s courting somebody that time. I became his “ligaw” consultant. But little did he know, I became jealous of that girl everytime we talked about her. He even have a picture of her on his desktop. And kainis pa dun, some of our officemates tells me they thought it was me when viewd from afar … heller??? mas maganda kaya ako dun?

As friends, I gathered all my guts for us to talked about our very complicated relationship. I don’t want myself to be left hanging. I know there’s something going on between us but we’re both afraid we’ll gonna lose the friendship if love will come our way. I didn’t get the answer right away. Play safe siya kumbaga. My treatment towards him became cold. Phone calls became less, I tend to be more masungit and mataray towards him pero he’s there pa rin and never left me.

One fine day, the moment was right but not the right place (literally, it is not the right place hahaha!), July 6, 2000, we became “us”. I made my bestfriend the happiest person alive. I’m his first and he was my last. And for almost six years of being together… Finally, I’m going to marry my bestfriend.

And here’s Jason side of the story:

I met Sheryl in our office at Designtech as a CAD operator. She saw me first having a blooper (what a nice way to see me at first time, hehehehe), I was tripped by a cabinet handle at our secretary’s table while she was sitting at the waiting area. Sheryl giggled at my blooper that time.

Actually I’m the supervisor of the Architectural division in our office, so I handle all the CAD operators including Sheryl. Sheryl just graduated in college when she started working; obviously she tends to ask me questions on how to do some drawings and advises how to simplify commands in AutoCAD program. We eat lunch sitting beside each other, share stories during lunch break, even exchange letters about our life, and accompany her to a jeepney terminal wherein she rides to get home. From thereon we developed a special friendship, and some of our officemates usually talks about our being so close with each other.

During that time I’m courting a girl named Nil, I usually asked Sheryl how to make my date memorable. Sheryl on the other hand had a crush with one of our CAD operators named Arnel, I got jealous when I knew that. Every after date I made, I share with her stories what had happened to my date. But some of the stories about my date are just made up, because I want to see her reactions if she will also get jealous. I think I got my purpose from doing that.

Then came the unexpected day, we had a general membership meeting at the UAP Capitol Chapter. Sheryl joined us to fix ourselves together with our friends Dex and Dax. A question that can never be answered by “NO”, I was asked by Dex, what’s the real thing between us, then Sheryl asked me the same question, I was silenced and answered…

WE’RE GETTING MARRIED ON OCTOBER 28, 2006. (did I answered the question?)

Enough of the mushy stuff… To my labs, I know words can’t express how much I feel for you. I’m just thankful to God that we have survived the 1st year of our lives together and looking forward to the next coming years. And I know next year is the best anniversary we will gonna have because of the little angel that will be coming this May of 2008. Thank you for taking care of me coz I know I’ve been a pain in the neck lately due to pregnancy woes and all. I’m sure it would all be worth it. I love you so much! Happy Anniversary!

~ by jayzanne on October 28, 2007.

23 Responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary!”

  1. Happy Anniversary Sis!

  2. salamat kat mwah!

  3. happy anniv sis 😀

  4. Happy Anniversary Anne,

    Naku ikaw ang pinaka-naaalala kong Wawie na ka-chokaran ko… kasi ikaw una reply sa post ko dati eh (hehehe).. kami din ni darly we celebrated our first last 26Oct…. kwento on my blog…

    Yipeee, congrats sa atin.

  5. Sis, I have my new site ha.. pero under construction pa… nag-wordpress na din ako!

  6. happy anniversary!! wow, ganda ng anniversary, me baby na =D

  7. ui! ang sweet! haha. happy anniversary. 🙂

  8. anne… nagpost lang ako kanina sa friendster mo :p happy anniversary to you and jason!!! more blissful years of marriage ahead. have a safe pregnancy!

  9. @ Joan, salamat sis mwah!

    @ Ann, Happy Anniversary din pala sa inyo. Yah I remember, 2 days lang pagitan ng wedding day natin hihihi!

    @ Kaye, sabi ko na nga ba ikaw yan eh… sali ka na din sa WordPress Pinoys if you have time. Just click on the logo at my sidebar (kung tama pa din yan kasi nagbago na domain)

    @ Cheche, oo nga sis, the best anniversary ever. Maraming salamat.

    @ Nika, baby sis nikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, miss na kita. mwah! Salamat ha!

  10. ei! happy anniversary guys! more to come! tc on the pregnancy! 🙂

  11. Happy anniversary She! Significant din sa akin ang araw na to! take care always!

  12. Hi Ann, found your site while I was bloghopping.

    Happy Anniversary!

  13. thanks popcorn mwah!

  14. @ Dionne, thanks sis, uy lapit ka na manganak ha 🙂

    @ Ivy, yah I know … priniprepare ka lang ulit ni Lord para sa next baby nyo kaya hang in there. He’s just making sure this time di na mawala sa inyo. Keep the faith!

  15. awwww.. cute ng inyong love story. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  16. Happy Anniversary, ate Anne! Ü


    Ang mga kwentong katulad ng sa inyo, ng hubby mo, gives hope sa mga loveless na katulad ko.. huhuhu! Ü

  17. from selvo’s blog that made me cry to your blog who’s making me smile now… happy anniversary dear ann. i hope you had a nice time. how are you na ba? we’re missing you at WPP.

  18. happy anniversary!! 🙂 by this time next year, family na talaga kayo. how time flies so fast when you’re having fun, no? 🙂 may you have many more years of love and loving to share. 🙂

  19. oist sister! happy anniv!!! 🙂

  20. ei you love birds happy anniversary… cute ng inyong love story at malapit nang madagdagan ng chick(iting). May you continue to grow in your love as your family grows and may you never cease to be best friends to each other. May you continue to create your own history together – as individuals and as a couple. all the best for you two.

  21. To Jojie, Ate kengs, Meeya, Thet and Kuya Selvo, maraming salamat po mwah! mwah! mwah!

  22. medyo naintriga ako kung ano ung exact words n cnabi nya when he courted you…hehe

  23. salamat Marlou 🙂

    Anne, wag ka na ma-intriga hehehe! long story! hihihi!

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