Alphabet for Parents

Thanks Pittipat for sharing this one 🙂


Alphabet for Parents

By: Sister M. Benedict, O.S.U.

St. Claire School, Cleveland Ohio

A sk your child daily about his day at school – activities, play, problems

B elieve that corrections made are in the best interests of your child

C onsult with the teacher about your child’s progress, character, attitudes

D emand respect and obedience at home and your child’s success is guaranteed

E ncourage your child to prompt acts of generosity, self-sacrifice, self-forgetfulness. “What else may I do” should be your child’s motto

F amiliarize your child with the best in literature, television, recreation

G ather your child’s associates together and get to know them well

H ave high, but realistic ideals for your child; respect and develop his talent

I nspire your child by your own example and through heart-to-heart talks

J udge a situation only after listening to both sides of the story

K now where your child is after school and on weekends

L earn with your child through your selective reading and personal study

M anage your home schedule – chores, television, etc. – for your child. Don’t’ let these activities do the managing

N otice changes in your child’s attitudes, emotions, interests, appearance

O pen new doors of experience for your child by encouraging lessons in art, music, athletics, foreign language, typing, domestic and mechanical arts

P ray with your child. The family that prays together, stays together.

Q uiz your child before tests or other competitive events

R efrain from open criticism of any type of authority in the presence of your child

S eek for yourself the kingdom of God, and your child will follow you

T each your child the art of self-control, the beauty of inner virtues, the honor of patriotic service, and the social graces of refined people

U se all the available opportunities your city and nation offer to develop and perfect the talents of your child

V enerate your religion: the sacred liturgy, the sacraments, the things of God. Your child is “another you”: he will do the same

W elcome suggestions, both laudatory and critical, with an open mind

X Examine your child’s work with interest, encouragement, and recommendations

Y ield to your child’s requests for exceptions or favors only when the best interests of your child will be served.

Z ip into this privileged task of rearing your child in the image of God with hope, zeal, confidence, and with gratitude in the One whose creative power you share.


~ by jayzanne on January 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Alphabet for Parents”

  1. asking a person to be a good parent is like asking him/her to become superhuman. Mahirap talga sigurong maging magulang. ^__^

  2. and nobody’s perfect di ba? even I di ko alam if I’ll be a good parent to baby J … but I’ll try my best 🙂 just like what my parents did.

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