Nice Surprise

I wasn’t expecting this one. Mom’s friend promised me that she will share some of the expenses for my baby shower. But due to busy schedules and hard to find friends to have this occasion, she told me to use the money nalang to buy Baby J’s things. So, last weekend while Dad was in Laoag for my late grandpa’s birthday bash and Jason was in Pampanga for a UAP Capitol Chapter Conference, Mom, Kuya Stan, Butchoy and me went to the mall to shop. My mom was aching to have her feet massage while Kuya Stan and Butchoy is itching to buy new clothes (as usual sweldo kasi) kaya sumama ako. I had money enough to buy all of this …
I could feel that Baby J was so happy … coz while we were having a talk with the saleslady, she’s so malikot. Avent has a promo, whenever you buy a set of their products, you get a 4oz feeding bottle for free. Since I bought 2 (sterilizer and breastpump), we have 2 4oz bottle for free. Included with the sterilizer and breastpumps some freebies like pacifier, 2 feeding bottles, bottle brush cleaner, bottle nipples, and nursing pads. Hindi na muna kami bibili ng maraming bottles. Sabi naman ni Mom if I’m planning to breastfeed exclusively, baka nga daw di magamit yan mga yan hehehe. So far ok na muna yan 6 bottles.

Thanks to Ate Del for the gifts!

Now let me check my list … so far so good!


Shirts, Pajama/Night Time Wear, Going Home Outfit, Newborn Diaper, Baby Wipes, Baby Toiletries, Baby Book, Breastpump, Robe, Nursing Bra, Mittens, Bottles, Bottle Nipples etc., Stroller, Booties and Cap, Towel/Blanket, Cloth diapers and Diaper clips, Diaper cream, Baby First Aid Kit,  Baby Classical CD’s, Bathtubs, Toys , Crib/Playpen, Beddings, Pillows, Sterilizer, Bibs, Pacifier, High Chair, Books, Diaper Bag, Baby Sling

    Weeeeeee …. konti nalang! Hay, we still have plenty of time … we still have less than 2 months to do all that. Hirap talaga pag lagi busy si hubby, pero natutuwa naman ako kasi pag maraming project marami dadating na blessing 🙂 Thanks you Lord for all your help mwah!

    ~ by jayzanne on February 18, 2008.

    6 Responses to “Nice Surprise”

    1. nice nung organizer no? thanks sa visit and sa comment :D…

    2. hi Alpha, salamat sa pagbisita mo sa aking blog. Oo ang ganda nung organizer na yun, bibili ako pag napadaan kami ng SM.

    3. malapit mo na makumpleto gamit ni baby! have fun shopping for more stuff. but take it slow ok?

    4. […] Parenthood, Recommendations and Tips Kausap ko si Ann kanina. Excited na si pasawife sa paglabas ng baby nila ni hubby. I can relate with her excitement coz I’ve been there. So, […]

    5. wow nice surprise nga! Di na rin kami bumili ng mga bottles sa dami ng binigay eh plan ko namang magbreastfeed. Kaso nga lang puro mga 9 oz yung bottles (9 lahat-lahat) yung bigay so ala siyang 4 oz hehe! Bahala na paglabas niya.

      Ngapala, got you a sweet token here sis:

    6. Yung sa amin kasi free sa sterilizer at breastpump kaya di na kami bumili muna ng maraming bottles. pag super duper kailangan nalang. Ok naman na 9oz yung bottles ni Baby A, kasi eventually lalakas uminom yan ng milk kaya kakailanganin mo din ng big bottle hehehe. Ako may isang 9oz sa free sa streilizer the rest 4 oz na hihihi.

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