Tips! Tips! Tips!

Jason and I are first time parents. We always make it a point to consult advices from our friends and family on what things to be bought for baby J. Good thing one of my friend and ka-bloggie Azrael shared some buying tips for soon to be parents. I’ve been bugging him for days on what to buy for baby J. And he got inspired to blog about his shopping experience for his baby Aila.

So if you need some tips, maybe he can help you. Don’t worry, it’s so informative and entertaining as well. I was laughing so hard when I read his post (sorry bro, can’t help it!) Don’t forget to leave some love on his blog if you liked his entry. He wanted to know what soon to be parents would react on his entry hehehe!

Oh Az, thanks for the MP3’s … Baby J liked it so much … she’s up all day. I think she enjoyed listening.


~ by jayzanne on February 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Tips! Tips! Tips!”

  1. wow party baby na si baby J hindi pa lumalabas. hehe. na-try mo na yung baby genius or baby einstein ba yun? they say classical music is best for babies diba? pero si mia hindi mashado naexpose doon, because classical music bores me! haha.

  2. naku sis nabobore din ako sa classical music pero kinaya ko … hahaha! its true enough, galaw siya ng galaw pag nakakarinig ng classical music. weird no?

  3. for me it is not neccesarily classical music, any music will do, as long it has, a high progression of notes, phrase, or sentence, the more notes you hear the more stimulating it is, example when you hear a water driping on same spot, same rythm, it will make you fall asleep, coz its monotonus, it will not stimulate your brain, if theres a lot of it or if its overwhleming it will do you the same, therefore listen to whats your brain capable of, as for the unborn child brain, the more the notes, the better it will help your childs brain to expand, and prevent the brain to eliminate uneccesary capabilities ( as the human brain develops once you were born, it eliminates some part of it that you will not use for energy conservation, e.g. face recognition, baby’s brain can diffrentiate face of a dog from the other as we grow old we tend to recognized only human face, so our brain eliminate that part of recognition skills).
    hope who ever reading this can understand waht im asying, hehehe.
    i thing my dauther is a perfect pitch, she learned how to sing before how to speak.
    so we taught her to talk with tone.

    to know more of this theory contact me, might be helpful, might be crappyhahahahahhaha

  4. nak ng boggie, lalim Chai hahaha! Naintindihan ko naman pinagsasabi mo hahaha … pareho kayo ng mom ko … sabi ni mom kahit ano music pwede. Kahit nga tahol ng aso at busina ng sasakyan nagrereact na si Baby J.

  5. ay di ako agree jan na kahit ano klase music pwede. tama si iris, classical music tlaga. that’s based on studies and my own experience with aila as well. and i think relaxing, chillout and ambient music will do to. wala pa akong nakitang baby na pinatugtugan ng ‘salbakuta’ o kaya naman ‘korn’ na naging peaceful at matiwasay ang paglaki nyahahaha! babies will react to different sounds for sure, but that doesnt mean they like all they hear. subukan mong parinig jan mga mix ko, sigurado lalaki yan masaya, palangiti, at syempre maganda lols

  6. ohhh … may nag-react hehehe! hello kuya, kahit ako di ko paparinig kay baby J yung mag songs ng salbakuta at korn… irritating yun eh… kung irritable para sa akin yun, what more kay baby. di ko pa na-try yung mix mo … try ko one of this days… hehehe.

  7. salbakuta and korn has no melody why should you listne to that in the first place.

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