Just as my hubby complains about Skycable because they got rid of the NBA channel, I, on the other hand was very thankful for Velvet Channel. I was able to watch my favorite tv show again and again … Charmed! Monday – Friday 11:30 am and replays at 5:30 pm. Actually, Studio 23 has its own encore of Charmed every Wednesday and Thursday at 11:oopm. They’re airing I think the last season of Charmed.

According to this site the one they’re airing in Velvet Channel is already half way through 2nd season. Actually, almost done … only 6 episodes to go till 3rd season.

Eversince I live and worked in Laoag in 2005, I didn’t catch the last 3 seasons of Charmed. Wala kasi cable sa Laoag. Meron naman pero where I’m living (at my Grandma’s house) bawal ang cable dun because it would interfere sa airport daw. Kaya kahit panoorin ko yung encore ng last season sa Studio 23, I don’t have the slighest idea how that Billie girl and her sister came to the picture.

Trivia: Jason got Baby J’s second name in one of the cast of Charmed.


~ by jayzanne on February 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Charmed”

  1. hehe si Paul din inis na inis nung tinanggal ang NBA channels hehe!

  2. naku, gusto nga magpalit ng cable company … ayoko nga! walang velvet channel yung iba eh hahaha.

  3. I loved Charmed. I stopped watching it when Prue died so I’m excited to see it again. I love Velvet Channel for that.

    Anyway, I want to rant. I saw the last episode of Season 2 yesterday and supposed to be today ang first epi ng Season 3, right? Pero asar bakit nireplay nila ulit ung episode na may tao sa painting?

    Breaks my heart.

  4. Naku sis, ako din naasar … kasi nung season 1 ganun din ginawa nila, nung natapos na yung Season 1, inulit nila yung whole season. Tapos natapos na kahapon yung season II, ewan ko lang kung uulitin nila ulit yung whole season II huhuhu … replay na nga pinapanood natin, replay pa ulit mapapanood natin the whole 2 weeks… hay!

    Sana nga tomorrow Season III na ipalabas.

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