How I wish …

… I have a Sony PSP to play even in bed. I have a hard time sitting in front of a computer nowadays because of my backaches. Pag may PSP maaliw ako sa bahay kahit mag-isa lang ako weeeeeeee … I’m sure Jason wouldn’t allow me to buy one … hay o hay! Ok continue daydreaming.

… I could buy maternity dresses this week that I can use in May. I’m so itching on packing my hospital bag with stuffs that Baby J and I need. Is it too early ba? When is the right time to pack your things for the hospital?

… I could buy a pair of shoes or a pretty sandals to go with the dresses hehehe … complete attire siyempre!

… Mom would let me wash baby J’s clothes … sabi niya kasi too early pa daw madudumihan lang ulit kaya wag daw muna … hay o hay …

… I could do more … but still I can’t. I need to be more careful now than before because baby J will be out soon.

… I could go out with friends or Jason every now and then … I’m so bored!

… we could win the lottery. Last week balik-taya ang drama namin … but no luck this week … 2 lang ang tumama. No winners yet. Imagine, P216,452,088.00 na ang jackpot. Sa 1 million nga matutuwa na ako … sa 216M pa! I think tataya ulit si Jason this coming Sunday.

… I could read a book … but it always lulls me to sleep whenever I attempt to do so.

… Baby J won’t give me a hard time pag nanganak na ako sa kanya. I know my baby is so cooperative. Susunod yan sa Mommy at Daddy. Di yan pasaway hihihi.

… gusto ko ng PSP … wait … nasabi ko na yun di ba?


~ by jayzanne on March 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “How I wish …”

  1. it’s never too early to pack your hospital stuff. dapat nga meron ka na niyan ngayon, kahit maaga pa. at least pag dumating yung due date mo, you won’t have to worry about anything else, just baby j 🙂

  2. sis… same tayo balik taya last week, 3 numbers namin actually lumabas. hay… 1M lang talaga, okay na 🙂
    i’m always including you in my prayers na sana wag ka ng mahirapan pag time na ni baby J lumabas… may name na ba kayong naisip? or secret muna?
    ingat parati… kisses kay baby J.

  3. @ Iris, ah ganun ba? Sige uumpisahan ko na sa weekend na maglagay ng mga gamit sa bag ko. Sana nga payagan na ako ni mom na maglaba nung mga white shirts ni Baby J para malagay na din sa bag niya.

    @ Mari, salamat sa prayers. May name na si Baby J pero secret daw muna sabi ni hubby hehehe. Sana nga manalo tayo sa lotto … I don’t mind sharing it pag may nanalo pang iba. I mean, 216M is quite too much sa isang tao lang di ba?

  4. I wish I could go back to the PI and visit you all again. I like the DS better. It has “brain” and puzzle games rather than those violent games. I wish I could go out w/ Jason to Disney on Ice. Don’t gamble or do the lottery. It’s an evil game. Good bloggin cuz!

  5. ei cuz, yah how I wish you’re here … I told Lloyd to buy the DS instead … but he keeps on insisting that he will buy a PSP … oh well … just in case he changes his mind, I’ll ask you where we would download the games for the DS hehehe. Jason and I are just trying our luck to have a chance to win the lottery, but we don’t do it all the time, don’t worry.

  6. kapatid, hindi naman halatang gusto mo talaga ng PSP, hahaha! Don’t fret, di ba malapit na kayong magkaron ng mas maganda at entertaining na toy, sabi ng hubby mo? BTW, I have a tag for you at HAPPY WEEKEND!

  7. To prevent backpains and muscle aches while using your computer, try to rest for 10-15 minutes every after hour of using the computer. You can take a stroll outside or just watch out the sky over the window.

  8. Hi Heidi, sige daan ako sa blog mo… mwah!

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