Colicky Baby

Colic is a term used to describe uncontrollable crying in an otherwise healthy baby. If your baby is younger than 5 months old and cries for more than three hours in a row on three or more days a week for at least three weeks (phew!), chances are he’s colicky. Colic isn’t a disease and won’t cause your baby any long-term harm, but it’s a tough thing to go through for both babies and their parents.

Colic most often shows up when a baby is around 2 or 3 weeks old (or two or three weeks after the baby’s due date, if he’s a preemie).

While babies normally cry when they’re wet or hungry or frightened or tired, a baby with colic

If your baby has colic, his belly may look enlarged. You may notice that he alternately extends or pulls up his legs and passes gas as he cries. cries inconsolably and excessively, often at the same time of day, frequently in the late afternoon or evening.

Colic is one of the great mysteries of baby life. About 20 percent of babies become colicky. The condition is equally common among firstborn and later-born, boys and girls, breastfed and formula-fed. No one knows why some babies are more prone to it than others, but theories abound. And there may well be more than one cause.

Your baby may have colic because his digestive system is a bit immature or sensitive. (In fact, the word colic comes from a Greek word, kolikos, which roughly translates to “colon.”) A newborn’s digestive tract contains very few of the enzymes and digestive juices needed to break down food, so processing the proteins in breast milk or formula can lead to painful gas.

The act of screaming itself can cause your baby to swallow a lot of air and that, too, leads to gassiness. If your baby has colic because of tummy trouble, you may notice that his symptoms get worse after a feeding or before a bowel movement.

Some experts believe that long bouts of colicky crying are a physical release for overwrought babies. Your baby might be easily overwhelmed if he’s sensitive by nature, for example, or if he’s recovering from a difficult birth or was born prematurely and his nervous system is still developing. By the time evening rolls around, these babies just can’t handle any more sights, sounds, or sensations, and they cry to blow off steam.


After ending my battle on breastfeeding (I failed huhuhu!) eh eto nanaman ang bagong dilemma namin mag-asawa (actually kasama ang lolo at lola niya). We just found out na colicky baby pala si Julianna. The reason why she’s so cranky and fussy at night is because of colic. Grabe malapit na ako mag-breakdown, kasi hindi namin alam paano maso-soothe ang nararamdaman niya. She’s crying a lot and sleeps shorter talaga. Pag napa-hele mo na siya at naibaba sa crib, after an hour gigising nanaman siya just to cry out loud. Ilang araw na kami napupuyat … halos nagiging umaga na ang gabi sa amin. Zombie na nga ako eh. Kasi ako naman ang pwede magstay-up ng matagal dahil lahat sila may trabaho, ako SAHM lang.

Tips naman diyan kung paano mapapatulog si Julianna sa gabi ng matagal, para lahat kami makatulog din ng maayos sa gabi.

Lord, please give me more strength to do all this mommy duties to Julianna. I know that it’s not that easy, but I need Your constant guidance so that we can get through all this in a nice manner na walang napeperwisyo … thanks!


~ by jayzanne on June 6, 2008.

8 Responses to “Colicky Baby”

  1. Hi sis, have you tried letting her sleep on your tummy? Some babies sleep longer pag-ganun. 🙂

  2. chest pala?! hope it helps!

  3. Hi! I came across ur site from Mai’s blog. =) I’m a new mom as well. I so can relate to this entry as I had a one-week battle from colic when my son was just 3 weeks old. Have you tried putting mansanilla on his tummy and feet? But not too much kasi mejo strong ang mansanilla e. Put it just before 7 pm. Pag pagabi daw kasi nagiging kabagin ang mga babies. Or you can go to this site They have a product there called “jar of hope”. Baka makabawas sa fussiness ni baby. =) And my pediatrician also advised me na pag nagkakaron ng colic attacks si baby, padapain mo then gently stroke her back. Hope these tips can help.

  4. @ Sheryll, nagagawa ko yan pag hindi siya fussy … pag fussy na siya ayaw niya matulog sa chest namin ni hubby. iyak siya ng iyak.

    @ Berna, hi sis, natry mo na ba ung Jar of hope? gsto ko siya i-try … para maayos na tulog namin lahat sa bahay pag may colic attack si Julianna huhuhu.

  5. hindi ko pa natry. =) pero nag-order na ko e. i’ll receive it within the week. i’ll let you know kung ok sha. fussy din kasi ang baby ko pag gabi. one more na itry mo pla, eto nagwork sa baby ko, j&j bedtime oil..imassage mo sa kanya.baka madestress si baby mo kahit papano..

  6. hi sis…luckily di colicky si Asher and hope malagpasan niya ang 5th month without being one. Perhaps nakakatulong talaga ng malaki yung pagpapaburp after each feeding. And yun nga sa first few months niya, nilalagyan namin yung pusod niya ng mansanilya. Pati yung soles ng feet niya. Sabi kasi nila, dun din daw pumapasok mga lamig. Ewan ko kung totoo pero wala namang harm done.

    Kaya mo yan…malalagpasan niyo din yan ni Julianna.

    Got tagged you here by the way:

  7. hey anne! so sorry for the long visiting hiatus 🙂 i can imagine how busy you are now being a mommy to Janna. is she ok now?

  8. @ Berna, nakabili ako nung Jar of Hope … hindi effective sa fussiness ni Janna pero very effective sa atopic dermatitis ko.

    @ Mai, ganun din ginagawa namin. Nilalagyan namin ng body warming oil (bawal sa kanya mansanilya, sensitive ang skin ni Janna) sa pusod at sa feet niya. Hindi pa siya 3 months wala na siya colic kaya super happy baby na siya ngayon.

    @ Iris, ok lang yun, sino bang hindi busy sa panahon natin ngayon hehehe. Janna’s ok now … wala na siya colic!

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