Julianna Alyssa @ 2 months old

Click to play Janna @ 2 months old
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Milestone at 2 months old:
  1. Can already recognize voices.
  2. Listens attentively.
  3. Can now socially smile back at you. She really smiles and laughs a lot.
  4. Replies with her coos and little laughs.
  5. She knows who her mom and dad is.
  6. Can appreciate colorful things around the house.
  7. Can grasp on things like her lampin and sometimes your fingers whenever she poops.
  8. Can raise her head a little from time to time from lying in chest position.
  9. Watch TV sometimes when in sitting position.
  10. Discovered her hand at 6 weeks old. Sucking them when she’s already bored or about to be fed.
  11. She have this distinctive yell whenever she’s looking for me or her daddy.
  12. Loves taking her bath but still cries when we shampoo her hair (hay dilemma!)

Baby Janna is now 2 months old. There were nights of colic attacks and insomia moments but still we so dearly love our unica hija. No matter how many times she would pee on us, how many times she would demand for us to carry her all through the night … she’s still our little princess that we’ll gonna love for the rest of our lives.


~ by jayzanne on July 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Julianna Alyssa @ 2 months old”

  1. Wow 🙂 She’s two months old na? Ang bilis talaga ng panahon noh? She’s such a cutie pie. God bless you guys always 🙂

  2. happy 2 months, janna! 🙂 God bless you always.

    Sis, read your post sa N@W re Isomil baby kaso ngayon lang nakapag-reply hehe (at dito pa sa blog mo). Anyway, I asked my officemate na Isomil din ang baby nya (from Nan HA1, at around the same age din ang babies nyo). Solid and yellowish naman daw ang consistency ng pupu ng baby nya. Kumusta na pala ang kay Janna?

  3. @ Chie, oo mabilis nga panahon… at ikaw malapit na din ka-buwanan mo kaya malapit ka na din mag-celebrate ng monthly birthday ng baby mo soon.

    @ Che, mix of Enfalac and Isomil siya ngayon. Kasi pag Enfalac lang constipated siya, pag Isomil lang super basa naman pupu niya. Kaya alternate feeding ng 2 milk formula niya para maging normal ang form ng pupu niya. Sabi kasi ni Pedia depende daw talaga sa bata yun eh. Parang tayo mga adult. Di ba pag di tayo hiyang sa food tendency napupupu tayo?

  4. Inggit naman ako… sana mag kababy na din ako! sad to say I always lost it when it reach 2 months in my womb. Nice blog! I add you to my link!

  5. Hi Pepper, don’t lose hope. I’m sure God will give you the best baby that you could ever have soon.

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