Just in case…

•September 1, 2008 • 9 Comments

Just in case your wondering where I am … you can find me here:

Life’s Little Secrets

Don’t worry … I’ll come visit once in a while, but I’ll be staying more on my second home for a while. See you there!

The Look Alikes

•August 27, 2008 • 2 Comments

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Janna’s First Out of Town Trip!

•August 25, 2008 • 3 Comments

More photos here.

Goodbye Smart Bro!

•August 25, 2008 • 97 Comments

We’ve been using Smart Bro for 3 years already. Pero lately hindi na nagiging maganda ang serbisyo nila. Hindi naman kasalanan ng Smart … kasi simula nung may tinayo na 2 storey house sa tapat ng kinatatayuan ng antenna ng Smart namin eh hindi na maganda ang signal namin palagi. Ang best way para ma-solve yung problem eh taasan ulit yung antenna mas higit sa bahay sa tapat. Hello … medyo hazzardous naman ata yun lalo na pag bumabagyo hindi ba?

Kaya kahapon, sinamahan ako ng mga kapatid ko na ipa-terminate na ang Smart bro namin. Buti nalang walang pila kaya mabilis naman namin naasikaso. After 15mins daw cut na yung Smart Bro namin. Kung ano ang tinagal ng installation ng Smart Bro eh yun naman ang ikinabilis ng termination nito. Hay o hay!

Kahapon din nakabit ang BayantelDSL namin. Kaya parang hindi din kami nawalan ng connection. In fairness, mas mabilis ang DSL namin ngayon. Kasi madali na namin na-aaccess ang You Tube hehehe.

Goodbye Smart Bro … hello BayantelDSL!

Picture! Picture!

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Dati akala ko di na mahalaga na mag-print pa ako ng photos eh napopost ko naman sa Multiply account yung mga photos namin lalo na yung kay Janna. Pero habang tumatagal, napag-isip-isip ko  … mukhang kailangan ko nga magpa-print ng pictures ni Janna. Hindi naman lahat eh nakaka-log sa internet lalo na yung mga oldies. Naku, ang nanay ko, addict sa pictures yun. Gusto niya lagi ako magpa-print out ng photos ni Janna. And everytime may bisita kami, lagi nalang nila hinahanap kung may mga pictures ba ako ni Janna na naka-album. Naku lalo na nung binyag niya, marami naghahanap ng print outs.

So I told Jason that we need to buy an album para lang sa mga photos ni Janna. Buti nalang sale sa SM Fairview ng baby albums … ranges from 300-500 yung mga self adhesive albums nila. At eto pa ha … yung scrapbooking kit nila buy 1 take one din. Eh siyempre bumili ako nun. Pero bigla nanaman ako namroblema … If I have to jazz up Janna’s photos with the scrapbooking kit eh pano na magdidikit yung plastic sa album?

Hmmm… sigurado ako may technique yun … I’ll start right away …

Or maybe I should start printing out the photos first hehehe!

Christening Photos by: Ging Lorenzo

•August 15, 2008 • 1 Comment

I received the package last Wednesday morning. I saw it at the foot of our bed … napangiti ako ng todo! Ang tagal ko na kasi hinihintay ito. Share ko lang sa inyo yun packaging ha. Hindi ko kasi alam kung kikay talga si Ging Lorenzo o ganun talaga packaging niya.

As I opened the LBC seal … eto ang bumulaga sa akin. O di ba pink na pink!

I opened the box at ito ang itsura niya sa loob

Oh di ba, kahit excited ako di ko siya mabuksan ng basta-basta hahaha! Eto ang laman nun…

Copy of high res photo in DVD format plus 50 free loose print. Super natuwa ako sa mga photos.

Photos are already uploaded here. Happy viewing!

Julianna Alyssa @ 3 months old

•August 12, 2008 • 2 Comments
Click to play Janna @ 3 months old
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Reading to your baby, even at this young age, will pay off. Hearing you read helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of spoken language. Varying the pitch of your voice, using accents, and singing will make the connection between you and your baby that much more interesting.

If your baby looks the other way or loses interest while you’re reading, just try doing something else and give her time to rest. Take your cue from your baby’s responses.

You’ll find plenty of good books to read to your baby — such as Goodnight Moon, Good Night Gorilla, and The Big Red Barn. Choose board books that have large, bright pictures and simple text — or even wordless books with pictures for you to narrate. At this point you don’t have to be slavish to age guidelines. Books designed for older children can captivate a baby if they have clear, crisp images and bright colors.

Your baby has been able to recognize you since he was just a few days old, but now he may actually be able to show it. About half of babies this age begin to exhibit an obvious recognition of their parents.

Your baby will probably continue to smile at strangers, especially when they look him straight in the eye and coo or talk to him. But he’s starting to sort out who’s who in his life, and he definitely prefers you, your partner, and perhaps a few others.

Your baby may quiet down and make eye contact with you, or he may search for you in a room and move his arms in excitement or smile when he finds you. He may even find your scent calming and comforting.

Source: http://www.babycenter.com

Janna’s milestone @ 3 months

  1. Moves from side to side.
  2. Answers with her coos and laughs
  3. Can now appreciate books with colorful illustrations.
  4. Talks with eye to eye contact
  5. Knows how to watch TV
  6. Voracious milk drinker. She can finish 4 oz of milk. Shifted her teats from #1 to #2 already.
  7. Less cry, more smile, more laugh.
  8. Can now sleep through the night. Though she sleeps a little late. She sleeps at 12mn and wakes at 7:00am.
  9. She can lull herself to sleep during day time.
  10. Tries every now and then to hold her bottle.
  11. Now enjoys bathing in her tub.
  12. No more colic!
  13. Big time drooler
  14. Clings more to her Mom but talks to her Dad more.